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Tip –
Use your scrutineering form as a checklist for what you need for Racing!!

Next event – KZN Racing
XCountry Round 6 – 18th August – Bishopstowe, Pmb




















Fun Rides
9-10th August Man & Machine
25th August Eston show fun Ride









Need to get an MSA Licence – follow the steps

Racing in KZN –
Next MSA Events
18th August – Bishopstowe -Riding in PMB!!



A huge thank you to our Event & class prize sponsors this 2019 year.  It has been great to be able to give back to the riders.

2019 – Checklist

1.    Club membership
2.   MSA licence:  www.msaonline.co.za
  MSA Licencing will be available from the 2nd January 2018

Over 50:
– Riders 50 years and older need to submit Stress ECG Results to MSA with their licence application. Not required if done in 2017or 2018.
The stress ECG is valid for 3 years.

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Racing in KZN

Next Events

27th July VMXSA – High Stakes
9-10th August Man & Machine
18th August –KZN Racing – Bishopstowe