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MSA Calendar 2019 MSA Calendar 25 04 2019

Event Weekday Date Location
 XCountry Rnd1 Sunday 2019/02/03 Bulwer
 XCountry Rnd2 Saturday 2019/03/09 Jolivet –
 XCountry Rnd3 Sunday 2019/04/07 Netherhwood
 XCountry Rnd4 Sunday 2019/05/19 Virginia Trails – Mid Illovo
 XCountry Rnd5 Saturday 2019/06/08 Eshowe
 XCountry Rnd6 Sunday 2018/08/18 Bishopstowe,

May and June are close as these are the only venues we have been able to secure and these were the dates available.


Event Weekday Dat7 Location
 MX Regional Sunday 2019/01/27  
 MX Regional Saturday 2019/04/27  
 MX Regional Sunday 2019/06/29  
 MX Regional Sunday 2019/07/21  
MX Regional Sunday 2019/08/10  
 MX Regional Sunday 2019/10/05  
MX Regional Sunday 2019/11/09  

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