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3rd March 2018 Eshowe – KTM Durban National & Regional Cross Country for Motorcycles and Quads

Riders Briefing KTM Durban Eshowe National Riders Briefing

Program of events: PROGRAMME OF EVENTS

KTM durban_ORange

Racing in KZN –

Entry Forms: Enter at www.racecontrol.co.za
Make payment to Name: KZN Racing  Bank: ABSA
Branch:632005 Acc No: 928 908 3844
Mail proof of Payment to info@kznracing.co.za
WOW Licence Form 2018 MSA WOW Licence Application Form
Riders over 50 need to submit WOW licence application to MSA with their Stress ECG before the event.
Marshall 2018OfficialsLicenceApplicationForm
Submit Form at Documentation Self Scrutineering
Check your Medical Kit
Regs : SR – KZNR (03.03.2018)

2018 MSA Interprovincial Challenge Junior Mcycles&Quads (161442-134) as at 20.02.2018

2018 MSA National Motorcycle and Quad Cross Country SSRs (-134) as at 14.12.2017

2018 KZN Junior Harsecramble Regs (161401-134) as at 22.01.2018 2018 KZN X-Country Mcycles (161400-134) as at 18.01.2018 2018KZNCrossCountryQuad(161402-134)asat22.01.2018

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Accomodation  B&B Contact Details Eshowe
Camping at the pits
Directions  Directions Rutledge Dam
GPS-Co-Ords Deg Latitude:
Deg Minutes:
28°52’24.5″S   31°27’24.4″E
28.8734737,  31.4567763


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