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Ashtonvale Farm – Bulwer – 9th September 2017-
Registration: 06:00

15 entries to 100. We getting there. We will have late entries on the day.

Reg opens at 6am.

Coffee and Egg & Bacon rolls will be sold at Carol Ruth Hill at Ashtonvale Guest Farm.

By 7:30am latest Riders line bikes into the decontrol exit lane. Scrutineering will take place, all bikes are to stick event sponsors stickers on front number board and left side fork, no exception. Then make there way together to Nip Inn. The route there is marked.

All riders have 1 sighting lap of the +\-8klms Prologue at Nip Inn.

Spectators can drive over the road to Nip Inn from Ashtonvale. Again Coffee and Egg & Bacon rolls will be on sale.

Riders will be called into Prologue Parc Ferme. If you are late you start at the back. We will line you up on a first come first serve basis. (NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED WITHIN THE TRACK)

On completion of the race lap you will be given a number. The number will be stuck to your number board (please no silicone) & left side of your helmet. Then exit the track via Parc Ferme in reverse and head back to Ashtonvale along the decontrol.

At Ashtonvale you may enter the pits. You will have 30min to change a tyre, rehydrate etc. Then please enter Parc Ferme and line up in your Prologue finishing position.

To the start: after the 30min window we will call you up to the KTM DURBAN ARCH in your starting position announcing who you are, the bike you ride and your sponsors
(if you haven’t given us this info when you registered that’s your problem not ours.)

Riders no matter the Class excluding PeeWee 😉 will line up on the start line in rows of 5. Meaning if you were a Bronze entry and you finished first in Prologue you line up in row 1.

The two tracks are GPS as well as partially marked.

Both tracks are absolutely amazing. There are 2 track splits for silver / gold. Clearly marked and bunted with a Marshall.

Silver & Gold before you head down Dragons Back on Lap 1 you will have a DSP. Pit crew it’s close to the pits. You do not have to sit bored in the pits. From the DSP you will see lots of racing. The track is close to Ashtonvale. We suggest having at least 1 x 5Lt refuel of p

Bronze your DSP is just before the start line. So you must refuel before going across the Finishline. On a 25klms track per lap we think only the 85cc should refuel.

65cc riders wanting to do 2 laps are welcome to.

How does your placing work?

  1. Ladies & 65cc must complete 1 full lap to finish & place. (You do not ride Dragons Back)
  2. Silver must complete 1 full lap to finish and 2 to place.
  3. Gold must complete 2 laps to finish and 3 to place.

GPS devices will be checked! Check points with cable ties will be on track. There are roaming marshalls one being William Gillitt so don’t make your own track, you will be caught and you will receive a 30min penalty for 1st offence. 2nd you load up!

Prize giving for Top 3 per class will happen as soon as the 3rd finisher crosses the line. Main prize giving at 3pm.

Need to book Accomodation contact Carol Hill at Ashtonvale or Shane Dixon at Nip Inn.

GPS TRACKS WILL BE EMAILED TODAY. You can upload at registration as well. First come first serve so please try upload prior.

Please tag and share to friends.

Kind Regards Klint Mills


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