AGES for 2018

Below are the ages per Categories that will be requested for the 2017 year

From the year of riders

Category From the year of To the 31st December of
65 7 12
85cc Junior 8 12
85cc Senior 13 15
85cc Combined
If insufficient riders to make seperate Junior and Senior Championship Class’s
 7 15
 High School class –  125cc 15 18
200cc minimum age 16
Open 18
Seniors 36 45
Masters 46 54
Clubmans Silver Bullets 55

1 OF 2015

MSA approved the following amendments to the MSA Environmental Code. These amendments will come in to immediate effect as from the date of this circular:  14 April 2015


4.1.9    Where, at the sole discretion of the appointed Environmental Officer, an infringement of the MSA Environmental Code has occurred, he/she shall be obliged to report details of the infringement (race number, name/surname, time/date of offence, etc.) in writing to the Clerk of the Course, together with a recommendation as to the action to be taken against the offender/s. The Clerk of the Course shall be obliged to consider the report of the Environmental Officer and to take appropriate action in accordance with the provisions of GCR 157 (i) and/or GCR 177.  Where an infringement of the MSA Environmental Code is by a circuit owner, event organiser and/or promoter, details of the infringement shall be notified to the Clerk of the Course, who shall require the offending party to take immediate remedial action, to the extent that this is possible.  If the necessary remedial action cannot be taken during the event, the Clerk of the Course shall be required to report the infringement to MSA, which will decide on an appropriate course of action.


9.5     The use of an environmental mat (or other effective ground protecting devices/systems) is compulsory at ALL motorsport events to prevent soil and water contamination. (For Specifications See APPENDIX 11 – ENVIRONMENTAL MATS)


It is compulsory for event organisers (regardless of the category of motorsport) to conduct sound level tests of competing vehicles and motorcycles.  The driver/rider of any vehicle that fails a sound level test shall render himself/herself liable for the imposition of a penalty as provided for in GCRs 157 (i) and 177.


1.3    The use of an environmental mat or ground cover protecting is compulsory at all refueling points.


1. Environmental mats must be composed of an absorbent upper part (top) and an impermeable part underside (bottom). Use of mats (or other effective ground protecting devices/systems) is compulsory wherever work on vehicles (motorcycles, quads, cars, karts, etc) is allowed by the organisers.

2. For Cars, Karts and Quads the whole area underneath the vehicle, where there is the prime probability of fluid spills, must be covered with a ground protecting sheet or environmental mat.

3. In combination with the Environmental Mats or ground sheets, other ground protecting systems like fluid absorbant material, oil spill kits, etc can be used to clear spillages. These materials must be disposed of in a hazardous waste container.

For the sake of consistency, the MSA Environment Panel also decided to change from the terminology Environmental Steward to Environmental Officer in South Africa, with immediate effect.

The term Environmental Officer appears to be used in English, almost universally for the equivalent person appointed for a variety of motorsport events.

The term Environmental Steward was chosen as a translation of the expression, “Commissaire Environnement” used in the FIM environmental code. On reflection we have discovered that this term causes confusion because “steward” has a different context in 4-wheel motorsport, and generally refers to what our parent body the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile  (FIA) refers to as a “Commissaire” and members of the “Collège de Commissaires” on an event.

In order to avoid confusion we have decided that in South Africa we would use the term Environmental Officer rather than Environmental Steward for all racing purposes. The terminology Medical Officer is also being used, rather than Medical Steward.

Where the terminology ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD is still reflected in older or current documents, it will still remain valid, but for future purposes the terminology ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER will be promulgated and used in official MSA documents, etc.

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