GCR’s:   2021 GCRs_compressed                 

National Regs:    
2021 MSA National Cross Country Motorcycle Regulations (as at 05.02.2021)        
KZN Regs:
2021 KZN X-Country Regional Championship Regulations
Junior Harescramble             
2021 KZN Regional Junior Harsecramble Championship Regulations


National Regs:   2021MSANationalEnduroRegulationsV4(asat26.05.2021)                              
KZN Regs:  2021KZNEnduroRegionalRegulations(asat01.01.2021)                                       


Event Secretary            Event Secretary Checklist

Drug Free Sport

SAIDS Anti-Doping Rules 2015

TUE:  Therapeutic Use Exemption – Application_form

SSR329 (c) – National Offroad Motorcycles and Quad Regulations

c) All Riders must carry, at all times whilst racing, a First Aid Kit as detailed below:
1 x Medical Board
1 x Space Blanket
1 x Triangular Bandage
1 x 50mm x 70mm First Aid dressing pad
1 x 50mm x 200mm x 2,5mm First Aid dressing pad
1 x 8cm Stretch bandage
4 x Band-Aid type strips
4 x Neat seal type plasters (2 x large, 2 x small)
1 x Piece cotton wool
4 x Pain Killers
1 x Tube of burn ointment
Surgical gloves
CPR device recommended